Monday, January 21, 2008

Movin' on up!

So, new and exciting stuff coming my way! Josh and I are finally in the progress of upgrading our computers, and I'm first on the list (only because the other 3-4 computers in the house don't really work, so now I'm on this computer that does not have a legit copy of Windows on it and only 512MB of RAM... no bueno). Plus, getting me set up on a new computer is going to be relatively painless on our wallet. The only thing I really needed to order was a new Mobo & CPU. I found a really nice combo @ Tiger Direct for under $200.00 ( that will get the job done for me for the new few years). I purchased a nice case a little while back when my Dell case wouldn't shut because the power supply was not compatible with Dell's P.O.S. case. Josh and I recently picked up a 300GB SATA Hard Drive at Fry's Electronics because we were trying to diagnose what exactly is wrong with his computer. It turned out not to be the HD (or at least, not the HD alone), but it was such a great deal for the HD that we decided to keep it. We already have a functioning 500w power supply, cd/dvd rw, too. So, basically the last things I needed were a legitimate copy of an operating system and some RAM.

This is where my Dad came to the rescue. He just HAPPENS to have an extra copy of Windows Vista laying around, and he also has an extra 2GB of Dual Channel ram, and he is GIVING me both. Hooray!

So, unless I'm leaving anything obvious out, I should have a fully functioning system in place by Thursday or Friday of this week. Awesomeness!

Of course, after my rig is set up, I'm going to need to install all sorts of software/games, so I'm hoping the MOBO/CPU arrive by Thursday so I install all my goodies (photo editing software, AlZip, SmartFTP, picasa, skype, mediamonkey, World of Warcraft and Sim City Societies) on Friday.

All in all, this crazy brand spankin' new computer is going to cost us about $200.00. Not a bad :)

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