Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not An Addict...

My ongoing battle with caffeine addiction is something I will allow to fester for the next several weeks, at least. After four weeks, I am officially not testing positive on a pregnancy test any longer. This really is good news for me. I hated being in limbo, wondering if curling up with a bottle of tasty alcohol goodness was hurting anyone but me. Now I know that I can safely drink my 24 oz can of Rock Star and consume around 2 liters of Diet Mountain Dew throughout the day, and I'm just slowly killing myself, lol. Actually - I'm not entirely convinced that I really am drinking all that much caffeine. I think 1 cup of coffee has some ridiculous quantity of caffeine - like 300 mg. That is just about what my can of Rock Star has in it. I'm definitely consuming less than 1000mg a day of the stuff.

Other stuff I'm going to do now that I know for sure I am not pregnant? Well, it is back to my crazy chicken from a can diet. Lean protein and vegetables - just to lose a little weight. I'm trying to convince myself that on my birthday I'm going to give myself the gift of health and embrace some sort of organic "all natural" way of eating, and actually step on a treadmill, perhaps. Is that actually a gift? Should I call it Birthday torture instead of?

I think that so long as good, upstanding citizens of Arizona also allow themselves to embrace the horror of a caffeine problem, I shall as well.

Baby Watch 2008:

Let the games begin! With the recent discovery that I am officially no longer pregnant, we are trying to knock me up again. If I can somehow get pregnant in the next month, I can actually still have a baby in 2008. No pressure, or anything, Husband.

Summer Time, and the Livin's Easy:

With the weather creeping into the upper 70's, I know that before long I will melting my hands on the steering wheel of my black Jeep Liberty in 110 degree heat. But, I take it all in stride, for the sweltering heat makes certain music sound so much better. 311, Sublime, Goldfinger, Astrud Gilberto, Steve Perry --- these are all musicians found on my "Kerith's Summertime Sound Track." Am I the only r-tard that has seasonal preference for music?

Because Husband recently changed his mind about music in my posts, I am going to go ahead and embed a playlist I created over at with my favorite Summertime Songs. Listen, enjoy.

What are your favorite songs for the Summer?

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