Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spring is in the air...

I know every other person in the country who might possibly read this blog is thinking I must be losing my mind, but if you live in AZ, you might understand. Today Josh and I decided to enjoy some fine Chinese cuisine (panda express) and it was absolutely amazing outside. Probably close to 60 degrees, there was a slight breeze, and it felt wonderful! Is spring coming a little early this year? Or is it always like this in February in Arizona?? All I know is that Josh and I only have a few more weeks before we can start fixing up the backyard and planting our new tree's and bushes! I'm terribly excited! We have settled on several citrus trees for the backyard, and I think I have almost convinced Josh to give me the purple sage bushes to replace the dead bougainvillea in the front yard (I know, I didn't think it was possible to kill a bougainvillea either, but we managed, lol).

So, with any luck, the backyard and the floors should be finished within about 8 weeks! Then it is on to the bigger task of actually decorating this house. The way I see it, with the housing market being what it is right now, we aren't getting out of this house for SEVERAL years! So, I might as well make this one nice to look at. My friend Misty and I have been raiding dollar stores and thrift stores in search of picture frames and other decorations, so I have a nice stockpile going. Now all I need is some furniture and poster frames which cost far more money than I want to spend!!

It is ridiculous, but I really want new couches. I don't know what was going on in our brain when we bought the mammoth couch that we did about 2 years ago, but the damn thing takes up our entire great room area. Seriously - it is big. Don't get me wrong, it is comfortable, but I just think it is silly to have such an enormous couch when we don't spend much time in the living room area anyway. Plus, Guinness (in his formative years) used the couch as a chew toy. What we are left with is a destroyed sofa that is just much too large. Of course, new couches aren't cheap. *sigh* I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Josh thinks we spent too much money on the couch to just get a new one two years later (he does have a good point). I suppose I shall just suffer!

Other furniture I need includes a dining room table, and some form of coffee table for the living room. In time!

I guess I shall finish this post with an embedded playlist I found on It is loaded with gems from the 80's!

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