Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 1 Down, 29 Days to Go

I started off strong today, and ended up not so hot by this evening. I still have time to remedy a few of my misses (please excuse me while I drink the remaining 32 oz of water I have committed to and gulp down my multivitamin... ahh, not much better, lol). My day started off splendidly with a completely healthy breakfast I will refer to as yogurt granola fruit mush (other's have called this creation a parfait, but that just sounds too fancy to me):

From Parfait

So, the first place I went wrong is having breakfast at 6:30 am, which left me starving by 8am. Plus, as I carefully measured out portions, I immediately became disgusted by this so called "healthful" granola. Did you know Granola has 230 calories per 2/3 cup? LUDICROUS!! Anyway, I was also disappointed that plain low fat yogurt doesn't taste like ice cream. /sigh.

The rest of my morning was spent munching on apple and orange slices (1 mineola tangelo and a small apple to be exact) until I found myself staring unexcitedly into a bowl of Progresso Vegetable soup at lunch time. *Yawn*

By the time I got home this afternoon I was gnawing my arm off in sheer desperation for sustenance, and immediately stuffed a nutrigrain bar down my throat to ease the pain. I was very much looking forward to dinner at this point, which was to consist of chicken breast marinated in lite Italian dressing, green beans and brown rice. Dinner plans were quickly shattered when we realized that not only was our lighter ( you know, the kind just for lighting candles and grills) out of lighter fluid, but the grill was out of propane. Lameness.

Plan B consisted of a Vegetable Club Sandwich from Teakwoods for me and a Cajun Chicken Sandwich for Josh. I'm going to say that my day started out as a 10 health wise and ended up somewhere near a 5. Oh, and before you ask, I didn't get any exercise other than the mind wracking brain sweat I worked up trying to figure out statistical b.s. for my MBA.

This is going to be a long 30 days, lol.

(P.S. - Math is hard when you are going through massive caffeine/aspartame withdrawals).


  1. DUDE, caffeine AND asparatame withdrawals?!?!

    You are a trooper!...and I would say your day ended on a 7, don't be so hard on yourself!

    You can get through it :-)

  2. Can you tell I'm bored at lunch and you're entertaining me :). Uhm, here's a few suggestions to keep you on your path to success (as I am constantly struggling with it). You might not want to go cold turkey w/ the mtn. dew. What if you did 1 liter per day of diet, caffine free, mtn. dew or coke or something to ease your body off of it. Try that for a week and then cut it in 1/2 again until you're down to 1 12oz can or less a day. I also try to drink a ton of water but get bored with it. So, I'll put a tea bag in my 32oz Nalgene bottle. It gives it a mild flavor, or I'll put lemon or orange or even cucumber in it. And when I'm craving a soda, I'll put a packet of Cristal Light or Propel powder in there. Finally, I've fallen in love w/ these foods. I eat them during the day at work and then have a "normal" dinner at night. I've lost 6 lbs since January doing this (the
    chocolate shakes and peanut butter bars are the best!!!)

    ok, I'll stop bugging you. :)

  3. This is why I have TWO tanks of Propane. ;-)