Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Big Purge...

I have finally got the ball rolling on this whole home renovation thing. The number one thing that needs to be done to prepare us for all that we need to do is to PURGE! That is right. Our home is bulging at the seams with the junk we have accumulated over the years. This strange pack rat behavior includes damaged clothes (hey, you never know when you are going to need a ripped shirt) to half full bottles of shampoo. I don't throw away makeup. I've actually got tubes of mascara that are 3 years old. A flip with no matching flop? Got plenty of those. Come to think of it, I've got sneakers from high school - something like 8 pairs of Adidas tennis shoes. Ludicrous!

Anyway, I seem to have caught a bug that causes me to want to throw EVERYTHING away. This evening I started in the Master Bathroom and Master Closet. I filled up 3 garbage bags full of shoes, makeup, and random "beauty products." Then I proceeded to organize what was left. I even divided up the remaining makeup in to a "morning routine" box, and a "night time routine" case. All the shoes are on the shoe rack (imagine that).

So, even though I have given up for the night, there are still other things that need to be purged. Tonight I mostly worked on things I could just throw away. Tomorrow I'm going to fill bags with shoes, clothes and handbags to donate to goodwill. After that is done, I'm going to move on to the Kitchen and put all the pots/pans/containers/appliances I no longer need in a box to also give away.

The largest pain in the ass for us will be our office and second bedroom. The office has a closet full of random computer junk. While I accumulate shoes and makeup, Josh collects computer components. Some of this crap is from the late 90's, no joke! And can we even just throw that stuff away? Does it have to be properly disposed of, like prescription drugs? Should I just flush the component cables down the toilet?

Oh, christ. I forgot about the garage. Shit. See, here is the thing - most of the junk in there has been sitting in boxes since we moved in. I'm of the opinion that we should be able to just get rid of most of that stuff - obviously we haven't needed it in some time now.

I'm tired of the random junk filling up my home. I'm desperate for some organization, and it looks like the only way I'm going to get to de-clutter my life is by completing this purge!

With that said, I'm setting a VERY aggressive goal of having the purge completed before May. That leaves... lets see... 4 days? Oh, and we are going to be at the D-backs game on Tuesday? Shoot - it's gonna be a busy month end, tater.

(P.S. - I would have taken a "before" and "after" picture of the closet and bathroom, but I lost my digital camera in a drunk haze a week ago... *sigh*)


  1. OK, your thoughts on the garage mirror mine concering our basement. We built & moved into this house exactly 3 years ago. (April 8--our anniversary--was the day of the big move.) Currently there are about 14 huge boxes that are either partially unpacked, mildly sifted through, or still taped completely up. I'm thinking that since it's been 3 years we obviously do not need any of that crap. Maybe before summer (i.e. when I want to be outside all the time) I'll get the urge to purge. Sigh...

  2. p.s. Just watched Chris Wallace's interview with Obama. It's airing again tonight on Fox News at 6 pm. Worth watching, but NOT worth the enormous headache I now have. I'm sure he's partially to blame. Seriously.

  3. It feels SO GOOD to purge! Have fun doing it! We have to do it about every three's amazing that we can collect any junk in three years, but we always manage to have tons of stuff to get rid of...