Monday, May 5, 2008

5 Weeks...

Dear Eggbert:

Please excuse the nickname - I like to call you that, but it probably bothers your father. Big things for you today! And the rest of this week as a matter of fact. As I type this, your aorta is forming and your heart is going to start beating any day now! Your little arm and leg buds are forming, and you are even working on a liver! Major progress, little one. Just keep on keeping on!

It seems like there are babies everywhere I go. The last several baseball games there always is a family with an infant a few rows in front of us. I watch, taking it all in, and my heart aches a little bit for the first time I will get to hold you. January isn't that far away, but 35 weeks seems an awful long time.

I have no clue about your gender yet. According to "ancient Chinese calendars" that take my age and time of conception into consideration, you are a girl. According to, you are a boy. /shrug. I don't care - I already love you!

Happy 5 weeks of existance!

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