Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I'm Feeling Good...

What a relief! I thought I was doomed to constant queasiness for the remainder of my first trimester, but I seem to be getting some relief today. So far, so good.

Today was a good day for imagining, too. I was rockin' out with my Zune on shuffle on my way home from work, and the song "Do you love me" by the Contours came up. Instantly my mind flashed to a scene of Husband and I in the near future entertaining our baby with silly dances to songs like these. From there my mind wandered to all the fun games we would get to play, and the amazing things we would get to show our little one.

Some days I'm filled with anxiety --- What exactly made me think I was parent material? What have I gotten myself in to now??? And then there are days like today, days when I am filled with joy and contentment for the future I have with my family.

John and Kate = Hate

Does anyone watch that show "John and Kate plus 8?"

I have been watching a lot of it lately, and I kind of feel bad for John. Really, people, Kate is kind of a beotch. And she blathers on endlessly about the ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL foods she feeds her children. Ok, talk about it once, maybe twice, but not every damn time you are preparing food for your children on TV. The funny thing is that she always seems to be justifying any *treat* they feed to their kids (like the all natural "fluff" topping for their sandwiches). This is just a treat... just a treat... just a treat... not everyday. Dear lord, the poor woman must feel as if the super mom's of the world are judging her. *sigh* Poor Kate. Poor John. I can't decide if the stress of this show is going to drive them to divorce, or if the show is the only thing keeping them together.

Finally, I am in love with a band, a song, a WHOLE album! I should technically stick this over on my other blog, and I will, but I felt like it deserved space over here, too. The band is "Ben's Brother" and their first album "Beta Male Fairytale's" is just SUPREME! There is one song in particular that I just adore, although nearly EVERY song on the album is terrific and great to listen to on a mellow afternoon. So, anyway, please listen to this song - and if you like it - listen to the whole album, it is just amazing!

Stuttering (Kiss Me)

(EDIT - added the youtube video since Imeem was only letting me have a 30 second clip. Lame)

Listen to it, people! And if the embedded player doesn't work for some reason, tell me, and I'll break down and put a youtube clip up in this monkey!


  1. Yeah, mellow's a good word to describe the song. From the blip on your post it sounds good. I'll have to listen more when my head isn't pounding. Where do you find new bands?

    As for being ready for kids--If we all had kids when we were truly ready for them the human race would have died out after Adam & Eve. You grow as your kids do. Don't freak about the post I wrote today. You have nine more months to get your act together, ha! As you can see, I'm still trying to get mine together...

  2. Great song. It's going on my movie soundtrack list--the one I wanna produce one day, that is. And hello--some of these images in the video are just delightful, particularly the couple enjoying each other in the pink kitchen. Hot!

  3. Ah, "The Scientist"--my most favorite Coldplay song ever.

    PLEASE let me know when you finish Twilight & New Moon...then you have to devour Eclipse so you can be ready for Breaking Dawn on August 2. These books are addictive. I have a not-so-secret thing for vampires, so I tend to go a little wonky for this type stuff. Love Ann Rice, too...but Stephenie Meyer is on a completely different level. I have friends (and blogging buddies) who are completely unashamed in their enamour of this series. IT IS THE BEST. Trust me. I spent the first 3 days of my beach vacation last August completely immersed in all 3 family hated me, but I totally ignored them every chance I got and went right back into fantasy land...sigh...
    OK, go read now...