Saturday, June 28, 2008

13 Weeks... Holy Moly!

So, wow - officially my last week of the first trimester. I should start paying better attention, because people are forever asking me how far along I am and I'm never really sure, lol. Uhhh, 12 weeks?? Or is it 14?? I don't know - not done yet!!

I had my 12 weeks baby appointment on Thursday. All is well in the world, and Baby G's heart was beating fast at 165 bpm! According to most websites, the wee one is 3 inches long and I think we are up to a peach in fruit terms. I'm going to rage against the machine and start using various balls instead. With that in mind, we are about the size of a tennis ball :)

So far I have only gained 2 pounds during this entire pregnancy, but for some reason I am already stretch marks galore! The doctor informed me this is because I'm retaining water, and therefore not drinking enough of it, so as punishment I am being marked for life, lol. Ok, ok, I get it. More water!

The most exciting news of all?? On my July 25th appointment, we get to find out what Baby G is (gender wise)! Hooray!! According to the extremely trust worthy Ancient Chinese Lunar Gender calendar, I am having a girl. Click here to see what I mean. Then, of course, according to I am having a boy, lol. reports to have a 94% accuracy according to those who have used the tool. *sigh*. My guess is that we are having a girl, but the cool thing is that I just don't care either way! The only reason I want to know is so that I can go on a shopping rampage and start addressing the nursery!

Earlier on I had a post about what the baby would look like. I thought a better idea would be to post a picture of the husband and I, and then from there wonder what our offspring will look like, lol. So - here you are - and imagine away!


  1. Either way, he/she is gonna be gorgeous. Y'all are seriously gorgeous. Can't wait to hear the big news. Wait, are you gonna share it with us??? For what it's worth the Chinese chart was correct for me--one time.

  2. Well, if it's a girl, we'll have to start a collection for the "papa's bail fund." A couple hundred dollars principal plus about 14 years of interest should handle it.

  3. The Chinese calendar thing was right for me. But it's all a 50/50 isn't it? The heartbeat is what has me thinking it's a girl. Both of my girls' rates were high.

    How exciting!!! Your fans want to know. You must let us know :)

    Oh, and your baby will be super cute. :)