Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Walmart!

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Walmart to break ground Aug. 12; open in spring
July 31, 2008

Maricopa Mayor Anthony Smith, City Council members and representatives from Walmart and Shea Properties will break ground on a new Walmart Supercenter in Maricopa’s new retail power center, The Wells, Tuesday, Aug. 12. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place from 8 to 8:30 a.m. with photo opportunities following the ceremony. The Wells is located at the northwest corner of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and Porter Road.

“The city is proud to welcome Walmart as Maricopa’s first anchor store in this new power center,” said Smith. “This store will provide residents with new local employment opportunities and shopping choices.”

Maricopa’s first Supercenter is slated to open in late spring of 2009. The highly anticipated Walmart store will bring local residents more than 200,000 square feet of grocery, apparel and home items. The new Walmart also will create hundreds of new local jobs.

Maricopa’s new Walmart Supercenter is part of the approximately 650,000 square-foot power center being developed by Shea Properties. The center’s name, The Wells, is derived from the historic well stop where travelers and locals alike stopped to get water.

“Walmart has been an excellent development partner throughout the entire planning process,” said Burton Dezendorf, senior vice president and general manager of the Arizona Division of Shea Properties. “The company has worked closely with Shea Properties and the city of Maricopa to create an architectural design and theme for the project that is perfect for Maricopa. We could not ask for a better anchor tenant.”


  1. Ooh, some WalMart goodness. You guys are hitting the bigtime! Their Great Value brand, or whatever it's called is actually pretty good. Well it is for all the stuff we've tried. Enjoy!

    How do the small businesses in the city feel about the giant coming in? I'm all for capitalism. Even though I run a small business (and not even in a brick and mortar) I think it's crazy to pick on the big guys just because they're big.

  2. V - honestly, I'm not feeling too sympathetic to the small business owners in Maricopa, because there really are none. Not to mention, they all close so darn early. Heaven forbid I need baby aspirin at 10:30 pm - EVERY PLACE IS TOWN is closed. I can't wait for a 24 hour place, and even though I've never been Wal-marts biggest fan, I will now do all my shopping exclusively there. Our family really can't afford not to :)