Monday, September 15, 2008

Excellence in Advertising...

I think I laughed for 3 hours straight after watching this commercial. GE needs to hire these guys :)

The Nesting Place has the most fabulously awesome Halloween decorating ideas up on their site! Can't it be Halloween already?!?! I'm so excited that it is on a Friday this year! I'll be dragging husband outside to hand out candy once again this year - hopefully we will get lots of trick-or-treaters! Check out the Nesting Place Halloween decorating ideas here.

And finally, why is it impossible for me to get someone to pull the weeds out of my damn backyard. I have called FIVE companies. FIVE of them. Four of them have not bothered responding, and 1 left me another voicemail saying they had to see my backyard to give me a quote. Give me an effing break. I described the situation down to the height and frequency of the weeds, and even gave the dimensions of my backyard. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT TO KNOW!?!?! I don't need an exact dollar amount! I just want to make sure you aren't going to charge me $500.00 to pull these bushy weeds out of the ground. *Grumble*

On a happier note, I can now feel Baby G on the outside of my belly :) It totally caught me off guard - I had my arms crossed over my belly and felt a kick or a punch of some sort. My belly actually kind of poked out a bit. Weird!!!!! But it made me smile nonetheless! I can't wait to be able to predict it somewhat so I can show the Husband.

Finally - Greta interviewed The First Dude on her show tonight. What a great guy :) He seems very down to earth and really represents a typical working father. I continue to be excited for the republican ticket!

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  1. Watching the baby move inside your belly is like watching Aliens. It's kind of freaky. It's fun trying to guess which body part it is though :)

    I saw the Greta interview of The First Dude. That was great. It almost made me want to go up there and live...for about a the summer.