Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 100th Post!

Random thoughts for a Monday morning:
1) Dole Ruby Red Grapefruit juice is not nearly as good as any other grapefruit juice I have had. Overly sweet and not grapefruity enough. Bummer.
2) The snowbirds are back. This means more traffic in the morning and more traffic in the afternoon, all behind extremely slow drivers that are in the left lane with blinkers on the entire length of the 347. Why are the snowbirds here already? It is 101 degrees on the second to last day of September. Surely there is more comfortable weather elsewhere.
3) On that note, not only is it 101 degrees here in Phoenix at the tail end of September, but there is already a Christmas display set up at the Fry's grocery store close to my office. WTF!?!? And then it occurs to me - only 87 days until Christmas! And only 47 days until 99.9 KEZ starts playing Christmas music 24/7 on the radio.
4) While we are on the countdown theme, only 12 weeks until my Maternity leave starts. Perhaps I should contact the maternity HR rep so I can get the ball rolling on that whole thing.
5) Husband felt the baby kick for the first time on Saturday night. The initial response was a look of shock and delight. Now I just think he is slightly weirded out that I have a 2.5 pound small being the size of an eggplant beating the crap out of me from the inside out. Only 13 more weeks, little guy!
6) Hello 3rd Trimester!
7) Why will I need every last second of the next 12 weeks to be ready to be gone for 6 weeks from work?

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  1. I have yet to see the Christmas decorations, but I'm sure they're on their way. Yuck. It's not cold enough for the holidays yet.

    Such a neat thing to be able to feel on the outside what's going on inside! Have you felt him hicup yet?