Friday, September 5, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Had an appointment today, and I must say it went well. My blood pressure was fine and baby G's heart was thudding along strongly at 165 beats per minute. Everything is moving along nicely, and I need to start thinking about the baby shower and all that will be involved with "Babygaiting 2008." Well, obviously it will involve football and beer - but I've got to do some planning, starting with the invitations. Since Baby G's nursery will be decorated in a Sport theme, I'm thinking we can get pretty "sporty" with the invitations. After all, the main theme of the baby shower is going to be the ASU football game! I bet I can find some nice scrapbook paper at Michaels and go from there.

The bug to fix up the house is getting worse. I need husband to install flooring (French Oak Laminate from Lumber Liquidators):

And then I need my home to magically not be a cookier cutter typical AZ home. Everything I want to do makes zero sense, and since I'm having trouble identifying exactly how I want to decorate or what my style is, I tend to just freeze and do nothing. I really think my style tends to fall into the "Country Living" category, but does that really work in the Desert?

Any maybe country isn't the right term? Eclectic cozy? That sounds more like it...


  1. Grammie and Pop-pop are so excited for you! Future Grandpa would love to help with flooring or anything else that would help get your house ready for Baby G. Grammie is great at cleaning and preping walls for cleaning so just give us a holler. We love you!

  2. Yeah, don't say "country". That brings to mind the 80s style of country decorating where ducks and lace, and blue are everywhere. Yuck. (Sorry if you like that). Cozy sounds nice. I'm all about eclectic.

    As for what works in the desert as far as home decorating. I say, "whatever". Decorate your house however you like. You're going to be the ones living in it.

    Your baby shower sounds fun!