Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Third Trimester

Had my first appointment of the 3rd Trimester today. My blood pressure was high (132/90) so my doctor had them take it again at the end of the appointment (122/90... still somewhat high). The doctor stressed to me that if I had a few symptoms combined I needed to get my butt to the hospital, stat. These symptons include a headache that won't go away, seeing black spots, and swelling. I always seem to be swollen, so I guess I'll just be concerned if I notice the others. Thankfully no headaches, so that is good.

Doctor then measured my stomach, and according to her I'm measuring a week ahead (or an inch ahead of what I should be measuring) and that the baby "feels" big to her. Oh brother.

The exciting news? On October 17th we have our 30 week ultrasound! I imagine that I will really get a good idea of what our baby is going to look like, which will be fun :) The not so exciting news? Stupid glucose test that I have to do before the next appointment in two weeks. Lameness.

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  1. Vicki -

    My doctor actually does the 3D/4D ultrasound at every ultrasound. I previously have said I just would prefer to get pictures in 2D because they are much clearer, but the technician is forever printing them out in 3D for me. This time it should be cool because the baby will look completely and utterly like a baby - I am excited to see facial features!

    Oh, and as far as the glucose test goes, if I post above a 130 I have to get the 3 hour test. I hope I pass the first one, but who knows what will happen.

    I took a picture of my 7 month pregnant belly, but I'm too chicken to post it. I look like a blob with stretch marks, lol. No cute pregnant belly here, ha ha ha.