Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Hotness...

Ok, I normally intensely dislike hip-hop/r&b. Alas, my dear husband's favorite genre's of music are hip hop and country. I can stomach the country (and even like a lot of it) but most of the hip-hop drives me up a wall. What can I say? I guess that makes me a "hater." I think a lot of the problem is I don't understand the jargon.

But --- every once in awhile a song (or two or three) comes out that I just adore. For your listening pleasure:

Whatever you like (T.I.)

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (also known as the theme song of most Dems/Liberals)

Not sure that one actually counts as hip-hop. Maybe some form of funky alternative?

Had a baby appointment today. Michael is doing splendidly - heart rate of 145 bpm. My blood pressure was ok at 120/84. I have to get some blood work done and come back in a week. Oh, and I am officially "grounded." No traveling for this pregnant lady.

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