Monday, December 22, 2008

And still, nothing...


I go from feeling like I'm about to have this kid any second to resignation that I will have to be induced a week from today. Ohwell - at least I'll be able to crank him out before New Years! Hooray for Tax Credit Babies!

I've had an overly productive day (well, at least overly productive for an overly pregnant lady). First I walked down a few houses to Sean and Farrah's place. Sean and Farrah are awesomeness. They were our first new friends in the neighborhood, and we've had plenty of good times hanging out with them over the last several years. Sean and Farrah also recently had a baby - he is just now 2 months old! It is going to be great for Michael to have a little guy to grow up with since Sean and Farrah are in the same housing predicament we are (as in, our houses are now worth 50% less than what we paid for them). Anyway, Farrah is on maternity leave until she starts her new job in January, so I got to catch up on all her exciting baby adventures. Dilan is apparently a dream baby - a good natured snuggly little man. My strategy was to make Michael jealous that I was snuggling another baby, hoping this would induce labor. After an hour or so, I still wasn't in labor, and Farrah needed to run errands, so we parted ways.

After that it was off to the grocery store. I <3 the grocery store in the middle of the day during the week. It was still crowded, but I didn't have to wait in line for 8 million years like normal. I was able to stock up on several 12 packs (coke products were 5 for $12.00 - woo hoo!) and also picked up wrapping paper and other stuff. By stuff I mean a big fat bottle of wine, which I will most definitely be enjoying a glass of tonight!

Upon arriving home after the grocery store, this strange nesting phenomenon set in and I've been a cleaning fool ever since. I mean, our office is CLEAN people. I don't remember the last time our office was clean. The kitchen was "re-cleaned" for the 3rd time this week, and then I started in on putting batteries in all the battery operated baby gizmo's.

Now I'm off to make the hard working husband some Shepherds Pie for dinner, and I think tonight I'll finally write out all those thank you notes and Christmas cards so I can mail them out tomorrow (hey - it counts as long as they are postmarked before Christmas, right?).

I leave you with my all time most favoritest Christmas song ever. Karen Carpenter has the voice of an angel. /contented sigh


  1. Hang in there, Kerith! Michael will be here before you know it! :) It seems as if your little one has a mind of his own...just like his Momma! (and that is a good thing) :) Take care of you--I'll continue stalking your blog to see how you are doing. xo

  2. Brooke - I'm glad to hear you were able to get everything resolved with Michigan! What a blessing! I know that you are probably much more relaxed and enjoying the holidays for sure now!