Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Productive Lunches...

Today, instead of going out to eat with a co-worker and burning an hour on good conversation, I opted to burn some gasoline and headed to the nearest Target in order to knock some items off my lengthy to do list. I was able to purchase the obscene amount of Thank You note cards that I will need to start sending out ASAP (I really want to get these finished BEFORE Michael is here, thank you very much). I also found Christmas Cards that I liked, so I was able to cross those off the list, too. And, after much searching, I was finally able to locate Breathe Right Nasal Strips. Husband was threatening me with divorce, and after waking MYSELF up 3 times in one night, I figured it was time to do something about this pregnancy induced snoring.

But - I'm not done yet! I have many more things to accomplish today! On the way home from work I'm going to stop at Kohl's and attempt to purchase Nursing bra's (ok, I'm weirded out by seeing that written out). According to every Hospital Bag packing list I have read, a Nursing bra is essential. *Shrug* What if I wasn't going to nurse? What if I can't nurse? Should I bring a bottle to the hospital? Formula? These items are not mentioned on packing lists that I have seen. I'm also getting conflicting information on what Hospitals do and do not provide. Everyone is saying "BRING SOCKS!!" but then a co-worker who just delivered said that her hospital gave her socks. What gives? What do I really need to bring? I want to pack as lightly as possible :)

Finally, when I get home this afternoon, I'm going to teach Guinness how to vacuum and Sammie how to unload the dishwasher. While the dogs clean the house for me, I'm going to assemble the baby swing, finish unpacking the babies room, and knock out my Thank You cards!

Now, everyone cross their fingers and lets hope that my appointment on Friday leads to scheuduling an inducement date of December 27th! Hooray for tax credit babies and not having to stress over what my hospital co-pay will be effective January 1st when our insurance company switches from Cigna to United Health Care.


  1. Have you done a hospital tour yet? You should be able to get a tour of the maternity wing and you can ask them about things like socks. I brought my own because I knew they'd be comfortable. You only need to take a robe if you get cold easily. Take your phone list and something for hubby to do to pass some of the time. A nursing bra is nice for easy access if you plan to nurse, but you won't actually be producing milk while you're in the hospital. That will happen at about day three. You also don't need to take your own pads or underwear. They give you these honking huge pads and the best underwear for wearing while there. I even took a pair or two home with me.

    Have fun shopping, and if your successful training your animals then I'm hiring you to train mine!

  2. I ended up never buying a nursing bra. I did buy 2 of these wireless "maternity" bras toward the end (in 40E) which I was able to use as a nursing bra of sorts in the hospital. However, you can just go topless and get all that skin-to-skin contact that's good for both you and baby. The problem with buying a nursing bra now is that your size and shape will change dramatically in the first few weeks after birth, so what fits well now probably won't later.

    As far as stuff, they will have most everything that you will need, from nursing pads to stool softeners, bottles and formula if you decide not to breastfeed, and the Victoria's "not so secret" underwear and giant diaper pads for post-partum bleeding. Dave made the best thing to bring- a compilation of happy, soothing music that I had going through the whole labor.

    I did ask my doctor if he would induce me once I hit 36 weeks, only half-jokingly. I know that in this stage of pregnancy it's hard to think about anything else, especially if you're still working and only one pair of shoes fits and you can't sleep.

    Hopefully you will birth this month for your own comfort and your taxes; I do hope you go into labor on your own. Talk soon.

  3. Vicki,

    No hospital tour for me. No breastfeeding classes. No labor classes. I'm totally gonna wing this thing (I'd say its because I'm just exciting that way, but in reality I'm just LAZY that way).

    It's hard to imagine being cold, but I imagine that if I deliver at the end of December that once my placenta pal is gone I'll get to shivering pretty quickly, so good call on the robe!

    (PS - do you want my dogs anyway?)

  4. Liz!

    Dude - you are a life saver! I got to thinking about how much I hate bra's, and found these nursing "tanks" of sorts. I love those stupid built in bra stretch tank tops, and since they make them for nursing I'm so buying a couple of those instead of bra's :)

    Um, why do I need stool softner after having a baby? Is someone hiding something from me? Does giving birth = constipation?

    I'm going to bring my MP3 player with me to the hospital, but I'll make sure to have a solid L & D playlist ready to rock for the event.

    I hope I go into labor on my own as well - I'm thinking I just might. But in the meantime maybe I should start doing all those things they tell you to in order to induce labor naturally. Hmmm...