Friday, December 19, 2008


Had an internal at the Doc's this morning. Michael is on the move! All that pressure I've been feeling the last 2 days has amounted to the following:

1-2 Centimeter's dilated
Lower/Anterior Cervix Position
80% Effaced
-2 Station
"Soft" Cervix

Doctor says to get my butt in motion (ie, go walking) and I should have this kid out in no time!

We did discuss induction at great length. The doctor said that I shouldn't feel anxious about the size of the baby; that my body will be able to handle this kid. However, she can appreciate that he has been measuring several weeks ahead. With that in mind, Doctor gave me the go ahead to be induced on December 29th. That is my official "39" week mark and no amnio will be required in order to have an induction at that point. However, based on my "progress" the Doctor said she wouldn't be surprised to see me in the hospital this weekend.

Woo hoo!


  1. OHHHHHH, so exciting. Good luck to you. I admit, I'll be a little bit jealous, but you must be at least slightly more uncomfortable than I am. I was to have an OB appt this morning, but after getting like 7 inches of snow, I changed my appt to Monday. There are some homeopathic things you can do to get that baby moving even more too, just look it up. *wink wink*
    Good luck to ya!

  2. PS: feeling pretty good, but must admit, did pack my bag for the hospital just in case. We figured he would try to come once we had enough snow. Feeling some pressure, but we'll see Monday if all that paid off in the area of dilation. I like your doctor, would not be surprised if you become Momma this weekend. You are in for so much joy.

  3. oh drat - I can't believe you had to reschedule the appointment! I can't wait to find out what your situation is on Monday :)