Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Do...

My "To Do" list stretches on for miles, yet I lack the energy to accomplish even a few of the smallest items. Best case scenario, I'm checking into the hospital tomorrow evening to be induced. With that in mind, I made sure that our bedroom was vacuumed and dusted (since baby will be sleeping in there with us) and vacuumed the rest of the house. The office is ok, the baby's room is ok, the kitchen is even ok. Not immaculate, but manageable.

Kind of weird to think this may very well be my last night without children.

I'll keep everyone updated, as promised!


  1. This is what I get for being on bloggy hiatus...

    I'm so far behind on your life. Forgive me. But I find solace in knowing that after tonight/tomorrow, you will be behind in the bloggy world, too. 'Cause Michael Patrick will be here and you'll be cuddling and kissing and resting and sleeping--hopefully.

    Remember--I'm the nursing nazi--I'm here to offer help, via computer and long distance.

    I'll be thinking of you tonight...and praying everything goes well. SO EXCITING!!!! It seems like just yesterday you told us you were pregnant. Wow.

    OK, keep us posted. And go SLEEP today. Seriously.

    p.s. Pictures...when possible, please!

  2. Cherish your last day without a baby around, sleep will now be a valuable and rare commodity.

  3. Best wishes for an easy delivery! Thanks for coming over on Sat.; it was great to see you in all your full-term glory, you made me nostalgic for that time, although at this point I'm still glad to be on the outside looking in. Hope you can get started tonight and have baby out by morning. Do let me know as I would love to visit you in recovery, sans baby of course as it is RSV season.

  4. I'm waiting patiently... Post already! It's Tuesday and I'm praying everything went safely. Enjoy these early days getting to know your son. I hope he's as big a they were predicting--I love big babies!

  5. Well, Mike safely arrived last night. I'll leave the rest up to our host to discuss.

  6. Oh good, can't wait to see a picture of the little guy. What a blessing for your both.