Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out....

I am so not in the Christmas spirit this year! Could it possibly have to do with the whole full to my ears with baby thing? The crappy economy? The incoming administration? I just realized that not one person has asked me what I want for Christmas this year. Thank goodness, for my responses would be incredibly lame. Besides, that is the great part of being an adult. I don't have to wait all year long to get what I most desire. If I really want something, I can go out and buy it. As a matter of fact, there are a few things that I've really been wanting to purchase lately (usually I'll get an idea in my head and then run out and buy it right away... but for some reason I've been stockpiling *wants* lately).

1. Super Fancy Pepper Grinder

I lurve pepper. I lurve lurve lurve it. I especially love freshly ground pepper. I had a pepper grinder (a tiny little crappy one) and I abused and broke it. I need a big fancy one :)

2. Food Processor

Because everyone on the food network has one. And I want to make stuff. Like chimichuri sauce for all the grilled pork tenderloins husband is going to grill me once the back yard is looking spiffy again.

3. Spaghetti/Steam Pot Set

Again, because everyone on the food network has one of these. Screw strainers! I want one that is built in! How cool would this be for making pasta and potatoes, or even steaming brocolli!

Ok, I swear there are other things that I want that don't have to do with food.

4. Nikon D 60 DSLR (yeah, I'll need to save up for this one)

Isn't she magnificent? Of course, the $600.00 camera is even more expensive once you factor in all the lenses and other accessories I would want. I'll stick it out with the 12 mega pixel Fuji Fine Pix for now :)

5. This Ikea Arm Chair (x2)

6. CD Player (for the Jeep) that my Zune can plug into

I love my Zune, but I need an aux input in order to plug it straight into the jeep and not have to deal with a stupid FM Tuner thinga-majigy. The only solution is a new cd player because the factor cd player does not have this input.

Ok, I suppose that is a long enough list of Kerith's Christmas Presents to herself, lol. Now, if only I could actually get motivated to do some shopping, lol.


  1. Nice chair! Pretty soon you'll want a stand mixer too. Nice to have...not used as much as I'd like though.

  2. Husband doesn't like the chair :( Boo! But, I have a feeling if they just showed up he wouldn't kick them out of the living room or anything, lol.