Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dawn is a feeling...

Day 2 alone. Still surviving. Quickly realizing that my ambitions for maternity leave might have been a little too high while also trying to entertain a newborn.

Little Dude turned 2 weeks old yesterday! How fast the time is going already! So far MPG:

-Hates diaper changes
-Hates being wet
-Loves eating (can down 3oz from a bottle in under 5 minutes!)
-Loves swinging
-Is soothed by music (so far we've established that he enjoys Muse, The Moody Blues, Gustav Holst and Lil' Wayne)
-Loves pacifier, but also loves to rip paci out of his mouth with his hands... this creates a lot of work for mom

All in all, I continue to amazed and in awe of this little person!

From 2 Weeks Old


  1. Oh my goodness. I just can't get enough of baby boy pics lately. It's funny that because I had a girl first, I honestly thought a boy would be SOOOO different as in they would not seem as cuddly or something. On the contrary, I do believe he is MORE cuddly than my DD. What I don't like is when you change their diaper and avoid getting peed on, and you wrap them all back up and suddenly they are pooping again, as if the first time wasn't enough of a gross out. Gotta love 'em! Michael is such a cutie pie.

  2. It's a mystery as to where the time disappears in the day. Just relax and take it easy...I know that's easier said than done though :)

  3. What an exciting time...how amazing to have these close, bonding moments with Michael!! Tons of love to you!

  4. Brooke - I really wanted a boy, and I'm glad that I have a little boy for my first run through at this parenting business. For some reason he seems sturdy to me (err... probably because he weighs 10 pounds). And seriously - what is up with the diapers?!?! He only has one "dirty" diaper a day, but it is always insanity and requires a package of baby wipes and for sure a changing pad cover change, lol.

    Vicki - You said it! Fortunately I've been able to relax a little bit by force. MPG has been a bit needy the last few days, so we've mostly been in snuggle mode to calm him down.

    Jess - Thanks for stopping by! We got the package! You are too sweet! Thanks for all the love! When are you going to be in AZ again?

  5. He is SO handsome. Seriously... i'll be the first to say that a lot of newborns aren't cute... but he is seriously handsome. kudos to you for makin' cute babies.