Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proudest Monkey...

Holy crap! Mike is quickly approaching 1 whole month of life on this planet. Every day I'm learning more about him, and the best ways to keep him happy. I think it is natural for parents to start longing for longer patches of sleep at night, and it appears that the best way to do this with Mike is a combination of exhausting the crap out of him and wrapping him in a baby straight jacket. The best way to exhaust my child? Bathe him! First I feed him (uhh, the little dude is already eating 4oz every 3 hours... what gives?) and then I torture him in the bath tub. Actually, I only torture him if I'm attempting to bathe him by myself because it takes me WAY to long when I only have two hands (one always has to be on him to prevent him from lurching to the side to take a sip of yummy bath water). When Josh helps me, he actually seems to enjoy bath time.

Shortly after he is out of the bath, I change him into his "night shirt" or sleep sack, or whatever you want to call it, and then he literally goes limp in my arms. I put him down in his bassinet and it is lights out (until he is hungry again).

Last night I put him down at 10:30pm, and he didn't start screaming for a bottle until 3:30am this morning! If I was smart I would have gone to bed right after I put him down, but I didn't fall asleep until 12:30ish. But still! If I push bath time just a little bit later, I might be able to wrangle up a whole nights sleep (when I'm working, this means 11pm to 5am).

Today I had my first postpartum doctors appointment. My incision is "healing beautifully" and the doctor decided to rip off my steri-strips since they were still hanging on for dear life. Ouch. Nothing like having tape ripped off a wound, although I suppose it would feel better than having staples removed or something like that. Doctor also loaded me down with plenty of birth control samples (a 4 month supply of Yaz) and said I could "get busy" again in about 3 weeks.

Mike was pretty much having a melt down the ENTIRE time I was in the office. I didn't realize that his nails had gotten long enough to do damage, and apparently since Mike likes to self soothe by shredding his face apart with his hands, he managed to slice himself under the nose and on his chin. Little dude even drew blood! I don't want people thinking I have a weird kid, so I'll just tell everyone that he got into a scuffle with the cats :)

After the appointment, me and Little Dude met Big Dude for lunch. Of course he was on his best behavior for daddy. Punk.


  1. The time really flies by, doesn't it?! For some reason the thought of my boys being 8 months in a few weeks is really freaking me out! Ben scratches his face like crazy too...he has super dry skin and we try to keep it moisturized and his nails trimmed but it is hard to keep up with it.

  2. What a great post. I can tell you're feeling a little better, your humor is back :)

  3. I think we have a couple of pretty hungry guys. Cohen's been sipping 4oz servings for a couple weeks and I'm truly amazed. DD took forever to get to this point, but think of the alternative. Less volume equals less sleepy time for everyone. You know if we were both smart, we'd make bath time at about 1am and get some great sleep! ;)