Tuesday, February 17, 2009

7 Weeks and Smiling...

I can't believe my dearest darling child is nearly 2 months old. In the last week he has made an amazing transformation! He is babbling and oohing and aahing. He is developing much better hand control (and hello, apparently his hands are delicious!). He smiles, and it just melts your heart!

From Mikey 2.15.09

Not only is Mikey growing by leaps and bounds, but other tasks around the house seem to be getting larger along with him. Laundry, for instance. So much laundry! I don't know how Kate (of Jon & Kate + 8) does it. Oh, wait, that is right - she has TWO washers and dryers, lol. And I guess that is me admitting to watching that show, lol. Mostly I watch it for the same reason I watch the first few episodes of each season of American Idol. They are so deliciously bad! Kate speaks horridly to Jon, and I'm just waiting for him to back hand her!

So, anyway, in my pursuit of having a cleaner home and simplifying tasks, it occurs to me that Laundry detergent should come in tablet form - like Dishwasher detergent does. You know? I went on a search for it, but was unable to find any. Can someone please invent this? I'm tired of gooey laundry detergent mess on my washer.

I only have a few days left of Maternity leave, and at the best possible time I seem to have come down with the flu. I have a fever, a cough, and other terrible symptoms. Fortunately I seem to be recovering quickly, which is good because I have a LOT left to do to get the house in order before going back to work.

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