Monday, February 9, 2009

I Told Myself...

What a great weekend! Lots to share :)

Part 1 - Our Weekend

From Mikey 2.6.09

First, Ma and Pa In Law came over on Saturday. Their visits are ALWAYS welcome, especially since they give Moi the chance to escape to run whatever errands need running without worrying about keeping the baby happy at the same time. Car Sear Carriers are seriously heavy, and since my 6 week old is swiftly approaching 13 pounds, my wrist is about to break off.

So anyway, on Saturday I was able to go get my hair done. It had been getting sooooo long, and was looking rather dull/boring/blah. I went in to a local salon and had several inches chopped off, along with lots of layers and TONS of highlights. I'll put some effort into styling it tomorrow and put a picture up :)

From Mikey 2.6.09

MPG's Uncle Steve also surprised us with a visit on Saturday! Always love it when our pals make the trek out to Maricopa to see us. Husband and Grandpa Mike finished working on a door in the house, and everyone got plenty of baby Mike time in, so it was a great day!

On Sunday the Husband and I ran around and made stops at Target, Costco, Home Depot and Ashley Furniture. We looked at a Leather sectional at the furniture store, and have made the decision to go ahead and buy it.

Part 2 - Stuff We are Going To Buy in the Next Two Weeks

Meet my new couch:

Oh, we also decided to finally get with the times and purchase this Big Screen. It is a 65 Inch Mitsubishi DLP, and it is going to look fantastic on this TV Stand that I'm going to order from Ikea:

So I guess you could say that Husband and I are stimulating the economy. I'm just thrilled that within the next two weeks I'll have a COUCH to sit on (as opposed to the Futon) and a big huge TV to watch the Food Network on :)

Part 3 - Weight Watchers

It occurs to me that for the first time... well... ever, I am trying to lose weight in a "healthy" way. Portion control, less calories, more exercise. Since the age of 15 I've been on some fad diet or diet pill, never really exercising much and not really sticking to any diet for very long. For the first time EVER, I've made a goal for myself that doesn't involve losing 50 pounds in 2 weeks. I've mapped out a slow and steady weight loss goal, and as long as I'm not a complete jerk about this process I should be able to meet my goal by July. My question to you is, are you interested in knowing about what exactly I'm doing (what food I'm eating, and what exercise I am doing?). Should I write about it elsewhere, or just keep it here?


  1. I'm trying to lose weight too! I'd love to hear about your weight loss "thoughts". Oh, and congrats on getting out and getting a haircut and fun new furniture!

  2. Hey, its Lindsay. I figured this was the easiest way of gettign a hold of you since you check this the most. I was wondering if you had talked to josh about getting together? Wed love to see you guys and introduce the boys to each other :) Sundays look the best for us right now, and we can go out there or you guys can come out here it doesnt matter to us, whatever is easiest for you. Give me a call or text or leave a message back so we can get something planned.
    talk to you soon,
    lindsay :)