Sunday, February 22, 2009

Workin' Mother...

It's back to work for me tomorrow morning. It seems like I'm going back to school after having a whole summer off (and I guess, 8 weeks is just about a summer break these days). I haven't quite placed my finger on my emotions. I suppose I'm a little sad that I won't be able to drop everything and peek in on Mikey whenever I feel like it. I'm also a little jealous that someone else will get to spend the day with him during the week. I'm worried that I'm going to miss out on so many upcoming milestones, like rolling over, his first laugh, and all sorts of other great things.

However, all things considered, I'm feeling grateful that I have a job to return to tomorrow. There were quite a few layoffs while I was on maternity leave, so that very well might not have been the case for me. I'm also looking forward to being able to do whatever I want from 7 am to 3:30 pm tomorrow (well, whatever work I want) and not being interrupted by a dirty diaper, a hungry tummy or even a rogue pacifier.

So, tomorrow I will officially join the ranks of working mothers everywhere, and I'll enjoy conversations with other working parents. But, when that clock strikes 3:30, I'll be jumping in my Jeep and flying down the freeway to pick up my beloved baby.

Perhaps the hours I spend away from him during the day will make our evenings that much more meaningful?


  1. Hey Kerith,
    I have found that I had a lot more patience with my daughter and the time I spent with her was so much more meaningful because I was working. I am actually looking forward to going back to work (I have one more week)to regain patience and a sense of sanity in my still somewhat sleep-deprived world.

    There will always be days that will be rough, but overall, I still love what I do. It gives me the energy to be a better mom--and a means to hopefully one day send my kids to college and pay for their weddings.

    But good luck! I hope you have an easy time going back.


    P.S. How is Weight Watchers going? I just joined, which is similar but it counts calories instead of points. Apparently, I will hit my 72lb weight loss goal (yeah, I need to lose that much) on my son's birthday if their calculations are correct. And if I can stick to it!

  2. Heidi - Thanks for your insight. It is true. Spending the day away from him makes me super focused on loving the heck out of him when he is within my grasp. But, talking to customers is so not as much fun as talking to my 2 month old.

    Weight Watchers is going well. I've almost lost 10 pounds (I believe... I weigh in tomorrow). Weight Watchers is cool, but I'm always tempted to go crazy on one of those low carb diets. You'll have to let me know how "My Food Diary" works out for you!