Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll disguise this whining with melody, and I hope that it leaves you intrigued

Routine. If I think about it, I suppose I've always had one. My days have always been guided by the hours I worked, the time I spent in class, and the countless minutes spent in front of a TV or Computer Monitor. Nowadays, my routine revolves completely around another human being (well, 2 human beings really). Most days of the week begin at 5am. I spend minimal time preparing myself for the day, and the majority of the hour in the morning attending to Mikey (packing his diaper bag & feeding him). If I have time, I hardboil 3 eggs and pack a lunch for myself for the day. Then I run out the door as close to 6am as humanly possible in order to get work by 7am (oh, of course every morning I have to stop at Quiktrip to get 1 liter of my beloved Diet Dew). Work. Work Work Work. A blessing and a curse. I get to do attend to my needs for a whole 8 hours. I can go to the bathroom without worrying if the baby might need something. I can feed myself without worrying about if everyone else in my home is fed. So, yes, there is freedom in work, but for the most part I ache to be taking care of my child and "homemaking."

Fast forward to 3:30 (or sometimes slow forward, the afternoons sure can drag) and it is another mad dash! I pick up Mikey from the sitters, and head home, usually arriving about 4:30. Then it is: Feed The Baby, Put the Baby down for a nap, wash baby bottles, cook dinner, feed husband, get baby up, feed baby, bathe baby, put baby down for the night, collapse.

Ok, I don't always collapse. Sometimes I make it into the computer room and fiddle around with the old blog :) Then it is off to bed to rinse and repeat!

What I'm looking for is time. Some time to insert a few activities into my routine. I'd like to take a 2 mile walk each evening with the baby. I'd also like to find more time to stimulate the mind of my child. After looking at my schedule, it seems like the best way to do this is going to be to have all our meals prepared at the beginning of the week so I don't have to do any actual cooking during the week. Mr. Right offerred to be on bottle washing duty, but I haven't really relinquished the task yet which is my fault.

Or, maybe I can use that machine from the James Bond Movie that allowed the inventor to skip sleep. Think of all that I could accomplish if I didn't have to catch any Z's! If that machine hasn't really been invented yet, I could always try to convince a vampire to turn me... they don't need sleep, either. Stupid REM. In the mean time, I'm relying on Mountain Dew to supplement my sleep. 1 Liter a day keeps the keyboard imprints off my forehead.

I can appreciate that the dogs are trying to help take some chores off my hands. Why, just last night Guinness and Sammy cleaned out the litter box for me since we forgot to put the baby gate up that blocked them from the guest bathroom. Thanks, guys, I can always count on you to contribute to the family!


  1. As cliché as it sounds, this is one season of your life, so I think you're doing a good job just getting done what you're getting done. I like the idea of once a week cooking, or at least once a week meal prep. Some people do a whole month's worth. Can you squeeze a walk in after you eat dinner? I wouldn't overly worry about stimulating Mikey's mind. He's getting plenty just by what he's experiencing day by day.

    And I love your new header! That looks exactly like you!

  2. Hey Chica! Ok, here are a few ideas...instead of bathing little guy every night, skip every other night and take a walk. Babies don't need baths every day anyway, and he'll get used to the 2 routines no problem. And he'll love the walk. So will you and hubby! Also, definitely start reading to him before bed. One or two books. They only take a minute each, so you should be fine as far as time. It is so worth it. Little Mikey will become a little talker sooner, and he'll also be more in love with you. He loves hearing his mommy talk! Last suggestion is skipping lunch at work. Looks like you've got an extra half hour. Could you eat while you work and get out a half hour earlier? If that's your own personal time that you look forward to, then don't. But if you can take it or leave it, then leave it!