Thursday, May 7, 2009


When it comes to baby raising, we definitely break some rules. For instance, when it comes to naptime, we have discovered that Mikey likes nothing more than to snuggle in our bed to enjoy his Ba, all while sinking into 6 inches of featherbed mattress on top of pillowtop mattress cuddled up to our down comforter. He will easily take a 2 hour nap 3 times a day in our bed if we allow it. We do. How could we not? The crib is perfect for sleeping at night (another rule we break - allowing him to sleep on his tummy --- I can't help it, the little guy saws logs for 12 hours on his tummy). Anyway, I snapped this picture of him during his evening nap yesterday:


Sometimes I just watch him while he dreams. I think his dreams must focus a lot on eating - he often makes chewing motions with his mouth while sleeping :)

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  1. K! Soooooo cute!!!! BTW, my son does all of the above and then some.If only the American Pediatric Association knew, huh? :) You are such a great mom. Keep giving Mikey the rest he needs. He loves you for it!