Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You move, like I want to...

I've had a lot of trouble getting in here lately. I have a million and a half unwritten posts in my head - updates about Mikey, Mikey's 1st Birthday, the house, work, working out - all those goals for 2010. But, the last few weeks, my time management skills have been just plain terrible. I can't seem to hustle enough to get the smallest of goals accomplished. What is really infuriating is the time wasters that I allow myself to get involved in. Now that my PC is back and running on Windows 7 (Love it!) I should be restocking my music collection, uploading pictures, and keeping up with all my favorite blogs, but I can't seem to drag myself off the couch after work to get to the computer, let alone to the gym.

*le sigh*

For awhile there I was using a daily "to do" scratch pad where I just allowed everything in my brain to spill out onto the paper - whatever was on my mind was written down. Almost like a brain stormed rough draft of the internal to do list in my head, on paper. It really helped to empty my mind and allowed me to focus on the most important things I wanted to accomplish. I ran out of the templates, and if I can find where I got them, I'll print out some more.

The first thing I'm going to write down? Get my music collection back up and running, and my Zune loaded up with great playlists for the gym!

The second thing? Look at your blogs so I can find out what you are all up to!

Sorry for sucking.


  1. You crack me up, but hang in there. Being a mommy seems like a sweet setup, but it ain't easy girl. You will get in a groove and you won'b believe where the time goes. Before you know it Mikey will be older and you won't know how it happened. :)

  2. OMG, I love having a boy, he is amazing. He is doing better eating big people food, not great with all the textures, but he's getting there. He started walking at 10.5 months, couldn't believe it, his big sis started at 14 months. He's mostly sleeping through the night, but not all the time. Just nice having a toddler in the house again. He says some words like Dada(daddy) deda(Stella) Nehna(any food that isn't baby food) and Nighnight(bed time). How is Mikey?

  3. Um, totally understand. You're in a funk. You'll come back. Nobody can leave blogland once they've been hooked. You'll come back. Meanwhile, we will be waiting patiently.

  4. I wrote on facebook the other day that I wish I didn't have so many hobbies. Or that there were more hours in the day. Or that I didn't need to sleep so much. There's just too much to do! AND I'm trying to be more deliberate with my time instead of wasting it on fb, twitter and just browsing around the internet. I think I'm doing better, but like you, my blog reading and writing have suffered. And my email reading. Ugh. I need a weekend where I can just get all of that taken care of and then try to not let them pile up again. Anyway, blog more! I miss you :)