Friday, February 19, 2010

Everybody's Changing...

I couldn't have asked for a better week. M loves the new sitter. I love the new sitter. She rocks, sends me a few emails throughout the days and if she has the chance a picture with her phone. It is so great to see M having a blast. He has so much fun playing with his new friend (the sitter's oldest son, who happens to be 2.5). The best part of all? Not only is he happier at daycare, but he is in such an amazing mood in the afternoon for J and I. Smiling, happy, wonderful baby that I remember. *sighs with relief*

I've been doing a lot of internet window shopping this last few weeks. I'm in love with these Lodge Cast Iron Enamel Dutch Ovens. And of course, I need want a Kindle or a Nook. Besides internet window shopping, I've been lovin on my music collection and turning up my headphones full blast to listen to Muse, Keane, Kidneythieves, Toadies, Leona Lewis and Michael Franti. I'm especially addicted to Say Hey by Michael Franti & The Spearheads, and I have had the song ready to play on my Zune when I pick M up from the sitter's so I can serenade him on the way home. He seems to enjoy it, but perhaps he is actually only amused at his wack ass mother dancing like a fool in the front seat?

But more than anything? I've been daydreaming.. about sleep. Beautiful, blessed, precious sleep, and all the sleeping I'm going to do in the mornings when J's saint of a mother arrives at our home tomorrow to spend the whole week with her very favoritest grand baby.Yes, sleep, you shall be mine. And after I've gotten enough sleep, I'm going to unpack some boxes and finally finish moving into this house.


  1. I got my mother one of those Dutch ovens last year for Xmas.

    Personally, I don't know why you'd use an enameled dutch oven. I have 2 Cast Iron ones, a 10 and a 12 incher, but Dutch ovens should be used with Charcoal, period.


  2. Grandparents are the best! Hope you got some well-needed sleep :) Good news about M's babysitter too!