Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perfect Situation...

My days have been strange lately. I successfully made it through my 4th wedding anniversary, and also my 27th birthday. 27 doesn't feel much different from 26, although I have a greater sense of urgency to crack down on my bad habits, get organized, and really put some effort into my family's home. The only problem is, this isn't really our home. I have a lot of bad feelings about this house, and no good feelings to counter them. Lots of things are broken around here, and I don't care to fix them. I'd rather endure them until our lease is up in October, and try to find something more suitable (perhaps something we can do a lease/purchase on).

Other things that are broken? My washing machine. My husbands neck (ok, pinched nerve, not broken neck). The washing machine repairman still hasn't fixed our issues ($185.00 later) but in all fairness, he is supposed to come back in a few days to try and fix it again. My husbands neck is slowly being repaired by the chiropractor up the street (at the low low price of $145.00 per visit, and only 4 visits so far to barely start making him feel better).

But, no matter how insanely expensive things are getting, and no matter how fast things are breaking, we keep on keeping on.


Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone :)

p.s. - everyone around me is having babies and getting pregnant - I'm starting to get the bug again! Agh! My hormones better cool it - I can't handle the extra laundry with no washing machine!

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  1. Oh, that itch! Exciting and scary at the same time. Happy birthday (a little late)! You're still in your 20s, so you are still young :) On the other hand, sucks that everything seems to be breaking, including your husband. Hopefully he heals soon and your washing machine quits acting up. Laundry isn't fun in the first place and terrible when done in a laundromat with a baby (I've been there) :)