Sunday, August 8, 2010


J's parents came for a visit last week, and unfortunately (for them) barely even left the house! I hope they didn't have visions of visiting old pals and enjoying the Phoenix night life. What they DID get to do was allow this mama some peace and *sorta* quiet. J's mom knows just what to do to bring a smile to my face. I didn't see one dish, or mop one floor for an entire 4 days! Besides making my life easier, they also provided hours of entertainment to Mikey by inspiring our little Picasso:







Definitely in Mikey's top 10 list of best memories ever :)


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  1. OMG, ok, first of all, I canNOT believe how cute Mikey has gotten! Girl! You totally need to post more pictures of him!!! And second, I can't believe how cute your father-in-law is playing with him! Too cute. Love these pics. You are a natural at photography, girl!