Thursday, September 23, 2010

{first day of fall}

The last day of summer was not such a terrible day. It was muggy, but not too hot (thank you to whatever tropical storm system sloughed off a day of rain on us) so Mikey and I were able to wander over to the park so he could burn off some energy. Unfortunately, there was a mean little dog in attendance as well - and while the dog wasn't large, it still had teeth, and Mikey being unable to resist all things on four legs was not about to let those teeth deter him from petting the dodgey (aka, doggie). So, while the little girl with the dog attempted to drag off the rabid fido to one corner of the park, I attempted to corral my little dude to the monkey bars. It wasn't happening. I bargained with Mikey, and we agreed that we would just go home and pet our own sweet dodgey, Sammie. Except I forgot that the pest control company had been out earlier in the day to spray, and our back porch was infested with angry insects fleeing the chemical warfare inflicted upon them earlier. *sigh*

Mikey was not thrilled that his bargained backyard time ended up being "inside" time afterall, and he demonstrated his displeasure by burying his face in a corner near the front door and crying loudly (have you ever cried into a 90 degree angle? It tends to amplify sound...) "owshide, owshide, owshide." Poor dude. The obesity epidemic that is plaguing our country and I have the nerve to deprive my toddler of "owshide" time.

At that point, I was running out of time to attend to the errand that I was dreading most - facing the bank I was none to pleased with in order to finally have the levy lifted from our account. As it turns out, the Department of Revenue faxed a letter to our bank stating that the levy was issued in error, it was their fault, and to please please pretty please with sugar on top waive any fees that were assessed as a result of said mistaken levy. The branch manager I spoke with was reasonable, agreed that the fee should be waived, and said that she was pretty sure the waive would be granted (it was up for review). The only problem is that while the bank DID receive the letter from the dept of revenue stating that the levy was an error, they still haven't received a copy of the actual release, so the funds are still on hold in our account. But but but - I haven't given up yet. Left a message with the only human working at the Dept of Revenue and asked her to please refax the form. Assuming the bank gets it this morning, everything should be resolved today. I was feeling appeased and allowed the banker to upsell me on a cash back rewards debit card (to replace the one they cancelled). Of course, because I am merely his wife, Josh still has not had his card replaced because "Oh, yeah, he has to come in and do it himself."


I left the bank feeling almost vindicated, and in a pretty decent mood, so I transferred that to Mikey and decided that since I had deprived him of "owshide" time earlier, I would give him an extra long bath! Yeah - the kid is whacky and loves bath time - which is great because he is forever getting covered in muckity muck. Getting him out of the bath is an entirely different matter - he won't leave! 45 minutes in, the water was approaching cool, and I had to pretend the drain was broken and the water was "leaking" out. Oh noes! Oh noes! The bath is broken - the water ran away, here get in this towel.

After Mikey went to bed, I was treated to a delicious spaghetti dinner by my darling husband, and dessert was Criminal Minds and Chelsea Lately.

Not a bad day for the last day of summer. Not at all. Now, Summer, since you were a total jerk and showed up WEEKS before you were scheduled to arrive on the calendar, could you be a dear and get with the program and take a hike?

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  1. Long baths are perfect to blast some music and read. Have fun!