Thursday, October 20, 2011


We've entered the calm before the storm. After a week of standing shocked, the dust has settled. We have direction, and a plan. 

After all the craziness of last week, I've had more time to think about what this all means. One thing that quickly occurred to me is that this is the perfect opportunity to *reinvent* ourselves. Maybe reinvention isn't the right word. In my mind, it would really amount to allowing ourselves to seize on the little & big dreams that we've always had. Living more healthily. Owning a home {again}. Planting flowers and gardens. Slowing down. Brewing tea. Enjoying and exploring our surroundings. Career changes. The possibilities seem limitless.

But, before we can get to all that, we've got to start boxing up this life. The goal this time {this will be J & I's 6th move together, but by far the largest undertaking) is to move through this operation slowly, deliberately, and to end up with an organized system that is easy to "unpack," as soon as we are in our own place. 

We've been flip-flopping on the size of the move, and whether or not we are going to bring certain items. At first we wanted to ditch it all and run across the country with the clothes on our back. From there it included all of the children's belongings. It wasn't soon after that I began realizing there was definitely certain furniture that would be silly to discard (aka, leather lazy boy recliner) knowing that we would need them again in a matter of months after heading out on our own.

So, the move has continued to grow in scope, but we are still determined to weed out the junk, donate things that do not meet our definition of "beautiful or useful" and to hopefully shed quite a bit before we close the doors on the moving truck.

I still can't believe that we finally get to move to SC! Greenville is such a beautiful place! Just look at these pictures of Table Rock State Park (in Pickens, very near where we will be).

Alright, time for less blogging, and more sleeping. Looking forward to documenting our moving process in the VERY near future :)

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  1. Moving is such a great opportunity for me to let my OCD freak flag fly that I actually envy you :-) I must say, though, moving myself into my house was WAY more fun than moving Will into my house, chiefly because Will and I are on opposite ends of the pack rat-minimalist spectrum. It is beyond my ability to understand why he's keeping, for example, a pile of obsolete computer games that can't be played on any hardware we own (and are probably available from GOG if he really wants to play them).

    I would say that the key is to figure out what you will need right away and know where you packed that stuff. For example, I always make sure I have toilet paper, soap, and hand towels ready to go into a bathroom. In your case, though, I think you mentioned y'all are staying with Josh's parents, so that's not so much a concern.

    I also suggest employing an iterative process of unpacking. That is, as you unpack each box, immediately put the item either where it belongs or in a "to decide later" pile. Once you finish your first go-through of the boxes, return to the "to decide later" pile and repeat the process. You may have to go through the process several times, but it works.