Monday, November 7, 2011

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour
But heaven knows I’m miserable now
I was looking for a job, and then i found a job
And heaven knows I’m miserable now - The Smiths

Right now, I'm sitting in quite an uncomfortable chair. The chair itself isn't so terrible, but I'm feeling antsy, and I don't want to be here. Josh likes to joke that once I know where I'm going, I'm 100% in. The day before I found out about my office closing, I was constantly thinking up ways to be better at my job, to be a better asset to my customers, and to be more valuable to my employer. I was "all in." Move forward 24 hours, after finding out about the office closing, and figuring out what our plan would be, I suddenly realized that I was in the agonizing position of being "stuck" for the next ten weeks. It is like your boyfriend breaking up with you, and making a secret pact to "stay together" so you can still attend prom together and avoid public scrutiny. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and hire someone else to do your job in another city. Can you just sit here for the next ten weeks while I do that? K, thanks.

My co-workers aren't helping. A few of us frequently share in our misery, and how awful it is to sit here and pretend like we still care. We don't. And then the phone rings, and it is an irate customer on the line, and all I want to do is just flip them the bird (haven't exactly figured out how to do that through the phone, yet) and hang up on them. Effff. Can you just send me packing, already? I started packing up my crap (already) and stumbled across my mountain of Christmas decorations, and thought "Eh, why not?" A co-worker did the same, and now it is a frickin' winter wonderland in Phoenix in November. Ha.

I really need to knock it off with this counting business. 50 days left until we move. 31 working days left in the office. 1 more day until I lose my mind.

In the mean time, I'm keeping sane by looking through my window (aka, the interwebz) at my sources of life in where we will be living shortly...

Go Upstate
Greenville Daily Photo (I may have to start the "Taylors" Daily Photo once I get there - a fun project I think!)
South Carolina Parks

I encourage you to follow these links and experience the wonder of what I soon will know and love on a daily basis!

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