Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Very Thankful

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I find that I am filled with gratitude for many things. For starters, everything seems to just be falling into place with the move. There were a few hurdles we had to get by (the biggest of which happened to be finding homes for our pets) and what seemed hopeless on Monday was completely possible by Tuesday. Sammie went to a new home on Tuesday evening, and it is looking like a very real possibility that my boss will be adopting Finley. I'm just so relieved that they are both going to good homes!

We've approached what Josh likes to call "crunch time." I think the magic number for him is 3 weeks out. A month is far away. Two weeks probably has its own name, like "imminent yellow disaster level 3." I've been trying to chip away at little projects, and so far I've only been able to cross off getting the mountain of toys in our home organized. I have to say, it has been awesome not impaling myself on random sharp objects strewn about the floor. I've still got to get the closet mess sorted out, and get the loose ends in the garage... tied down? Oh, yeah - don't let me forget to call the utility companies on Monday to give them the cutoff date for shutting off our service.

I'm also very excited to be spending turkey day with my best friend and her family (they have always treated me like their 3rd daughter). We won't have very many opportunities in short time we have left in AZ to get together, and I'm going to miss these people so much!

Lastly, I'm filled with gratitude for my husband, Josh, and our sweet sweet babies. With all that we have been through lately, it feels like it is us against the world, and I'm so glad to have someone with so much courage to lean on in such uncertain times. He has really helped to keep me calm through all this chaos! It has allowed me to spend less time stressing, and more time loving my two goofy guys:

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