Friday, March 23, 2012


It is my last Friday of early retirement! (aka, my laid off status is ending, soon!). I start my new job on Monday, and while I'm super excited, I'm also slightly stressed at all the items on my to do list! At least the major stuff is taken care of, so the boys have a daycare that we trust, and I've knocked off all the finger printing and drug testing stuff to actually start the job.

The last REALLY big thing for us to do is to secure transportation for Josh. The goal is to get a used pickup truck for him this weekend, and we have our eyes on a few already that he would like to check out.

Other than that, I'm going to spend this last weekend of freedom trying to get the rest of the boxes unpacked, and pictures hung up. I know it isn't much in the way of decorating, but at least then I'll feel like we can have people over to hang out and not be embarrassed at the state of our home.

On the blog front, since I planned on writing about my exploits as a stay at home mom, I imagine that will shift to being back in the work force, along with documenting the boy's milestones, plus writing about our home and garden. Oh, and duh, the paleo diet! We've been slowly getting back into it, and while we've strayed here and there for a late night meal when the day's craziness didn't jive with cooking a big meal, we are looking forward to perfecting it, and feeling healthier! There are a few other posts I want to finish up - the month of February, for example (before March ends!) and of course, the home tour series. With Beta coming up for Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria (WoW expansion) I'm really going to be short on time for this very full life :)

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