Monday, March 5, 2012

In the In-between

Life is continuing to progress in a forward motion (I think I prefer it that way, most days).

J started his new job just about two weeks ago, and so far, all is well. He likes the place, the people, and from what he can tell, he likes the job itself. It is really hard to know at first what exactly you'll be doing until they actually throw you in the deep end, but I think it is great that they are taking the time to train him.

A few days after J started his gig, we started the process of moving into the rental a few doors down from J's parents house. We've gone a lot slower moving into this place than we anticipated, and tonight will only be our 2nd night actually sleeping here. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. On one hand, I'm happy to be ruling my own roost once more. Then there is the matter of being at home all day surrounded by boxes, having no idea where I want to put anything, and being very distracted by two tornadoes whipping up a mess wherever they go.

Somewhere in between cleaning, moving, and visiting with J's family from out of town, I squeezed in an interview. I know. I KNOW. I was going to stay at home with the kids. Alas, while J's job is super fantastic in many ways, the health insurance is not so wonderful. It would cost roughly 1/4 of his take home pay (before taxes) to cover the whole family, and that just isn't going to work for us. Like I've said before, I'm perfectly capable of reasonable sacrifice, but I'm not willing to subject my family to abject poverty so I can stay at home with the boys. So, keep those cyber fingers crossed that this job comes through for me, because if I have to work, I want to work at an awesome place with great benefits and plenty of potential for growth (and my own cubicle...)

Anyway, since I'm not working yet, and there isn't anything else to distract me at the moment (things like video games and books I want to read) I'm going to really try to dig in and get this house completely situated. It is my goal to have everything completely unpacked, and the home "decorated" before returning to work. The main obstacles in front of me are storage, and finding a home for our clothing (both the boys and ours). The closet space in this house is much smaller than we are accustomed to, so I'm going to have to resort to dressers and closet organizers. I know everyone enjoys a good home project, so I'll try to post those here. As far as decorating goes, I have nothing wild planned, only finally printing and framing my favorite pictures and hanging them around the house.

I have a feeling that Goodwill is in my future, and that a continued purging is the only way I'm going to reach my goals!

Outside of house stuff, there are a few more goals I have in mind. I'd like to get a few playlists up and running on Slacker, and get down to the old mill down the road to take some pictures. It really is beautiful!

{the house... isn't it cute?!}

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