Friday, April 6, 2012

Freakin' GREAT Friday! (and a recap)

Today turned from potentially cool to simply awesome. It was a great way to finish off this change in our routine with me going back to work two weeks ago. So, today, I offer you the awesomeness that occurred, as well as a recap of the last two weeks.

First, super coolness, deluxe style, involved Josh FINALLY getting his very own brand new "hiccup truck." Well, that is what Mikey calls it, anway. In reality it is a 2001 Chevy Silverado, with 8 cylinders and plenty of power to take my boxes of crap to goodwill. Sold! She doesn't have a name yet, but Hiccup does sound really catchy. Here she is!

Just beyond the truck is a completely new concept for desert dwellers like me. I mean, I was getting all geeked out for Fall, but it didn't occur to me that Spring would be so fantastic. The view from our back porch went from this:

To this:

I know they call this place Greenville, but seriously, this place got GREEN!

In fact, our whole neighborhood blew up in an amazing display of springtime glory, but even our yard was pretty impressive (if you ignored the insane overgrowth):

{Japanese Maple + White Dogwood + Red Dogwood}

 {The pretty yellow flowers... Iris's I believe!}
 {More Dogwood}
 {And still, more Dogwood + Japanese Maple}
 {The tree line over the roof of our home... amazing!}
 {Our Dogwood and Japanese Maple, from the front}
{the view from our front yard looking down the street - can't believe how lush and alive everything is}

Besides staring at our Front yard, and everyone getting ill, I baked cookies:

And drank water:

And took care of sick babies:

And still more sick babies:

Omg, someone get the babies something to put them out of their misery!

Oh, and I can't forget all the laundry I did in my state of the art "Laundry Facility," conveniently located outside of my home in the wasp/bee infested garage. Love it.

And then Good Friday rolled around, and it was all good.

There is something great about getting off work early on a Friday, especially when that Friday is a holiday. Ma-in-law was watching the baybay's at our house, so instead of rushing to pick them up from daycare, I rushed to Publix and ordered myself a sandwich from their deli. Their sandwiches are usually rediculously good, but today I had to wait 20 minutes, and that somehow diminished the taste. I guess everyone had the same idea as me to get a sandwich from Publix for lunch.

Anyway, I rolled up our driveway to find Pa-in-law, and another neighbor, Miss Ann, playing in the the flowerbed in our front yard. Last week it looked like this (aka, an overgrown disaster) and it is already looking way more amazing with half the bed cleared of the awful ground cover (as shown above). Tomorrow we are going to get back out in the yard to do some more cleanup work! Can't wait to show you our progress, and to hopefully stay more current on this blog :).

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