Saturday, May 19, 2012

The weekend...

It isn't even Sunday yet, but our Saturday was so that I wanted to share anyway. Besides, ignoring chores today means that tomorrow will be boring for the purposes of a blog.

Saturday morning started off with breakfast at our place. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take any pictures of that! You'll just have to trust that the scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits were delicious! After breakfast we went our separate ways, with Grandma and Papa heading off to the farmers market, Johnny taking a well deserved (but early for him) nap, and while Josh played a video game, Mikey and I hit the road for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

{passing by Grandma & Papa's house}
{Papa's new flower bed}
{another angle on the same bed}
{Miss Ann's flower bed. Isn't it beautiful?}
{The current object of our desire... the home we are trying to buy!}
{isn't she gorgeous? she is deceptively large}
{the lot is full of trees! <3}
{keeping our fingers crossed & hoping to make her our own!}
{the woods in our neighborhood are amazing. It feels like I'm camping in the middle of the forest!}
{Mikey was fascinated by the root structure of the tree he is standing beneath}
{the woods are so thick here}
{coming up on Squirrel Forest}
{it is amazing how different Squirrel Forest looks in the Springtime!}
{of course, we didn't happen to see any squirrels on this particular outing}
{the views are still amazing, anyway}
{coming back up on our house after the walk}

After our walk, we headed up the street to Grandma & Papa's for an impromptu family picnic on the deck. It was so relaxing to spend the afternoon basking in the sun, enjoying hot dogs and beer, while the boys played with Playdoh!

{Papa, watering plants}
{Johnny was more intrigued with the Playdoh tools than the Playdoh itself}

{shots of the yard}
{Grandma's herb garden}
{Phoenix Miller Gaines, aka Millie}
{and of course, the highlight of the day - Icecream Sandwiches!}
{most of Johnny's melted before he got around to eating it}

All in all, today was wonderful! Looking forward to another restful day off tomorrow!

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