Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Greenville Zoo...

J and I decided to have an adventure with just Mikey this weekend, which involved a trip to the Greenville Zoo! For the record, this will likely be the most affordable trip to the zoo of all time. One of J's co-workers gave us 3 free passes, and today the Zoo happened to be having its "Hot Dog Day" which involved Hot Dogs, Chips, Soda and Icecream Sandwiches, all for $0.50 each! We had a blast and ate like kings, all for $6.00! The only down side - it was extremely muggy out, but we managed to cool off in the mister stations they had set up around the zoo. The Greenville Zoo is small - significantly smaller than the Phoenix Zoo, in fact. Some day we'll get to the bigger Zoo in Columbia, but for now, our two littles enjoy this one tremendously.

P.S. - Could not resist documenting the date rape on duck pond!

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