Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doomsday Prepping...

I've got to get my nose out of this Kindle. The first book in the Newsflash series was brilliant! "Feed" was based in a post zombie apocalypse society, but it was more of a political conspiracy theory thriller. Oddly enough, the candidate for president for the GOP is from Wisconsin. I was reading every spare second I could find between child rearing and work, and I felt like the book was never going to end! I finally looked it up on Amazon, and turns out the sucker is 609 pages long in print. Oh. The 2nd book in the series comes in at 570 pages, and book 3 is 621 pages, so I think I may just have to slow down and enjoy it (otherwise my home may fall into a state of disrepair, and my children suffer neglect).

Of course, now my mind is back on the zombie apocalypse. Our property is large enough that we could conceivably prepare and survive when the inevitable happens. In the case of "Feed," the inevitable was caused by the cure for cancer interacting with the cure for the common cold. Crazy, people! So, anyway, in order to be better prepared, we are going to need to establish a barrier. Fencing is not nearly as popular here as it is in AZ. AZ folks don't know how good they have it with all their 6 foot cinder block fencing. So, anyway, we're going to need a fence. And not the split rail fence my mother-in-law dreams about. I think a zombie could probably push over the wooden privacy fences that are also popular around here. We're probably going to have to opt for the chain link school yard variety. At least for the back and side yard, anyway. I don't want the zombies sneaking off with my chickens or my fresh herbs!

It rains enough here that we could probably rig up some sort of crazy rain water storage device and use that for drinking.

(right now my plan is to put our collection of pint glasses on the deck to catch rain water that way)

Just some random thoughts... don't every come running to my house if the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow. I'm not prepared yet!

Oh, also, please see above where you can click on the "Whole 30" tab. I'm endeavoring to take on this 30 day challenge. I assume it will result in me being better equipped (from a physical standpoint) to survive should the dead begin walking.

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