Tuesday, January 15, 2013

52 Weeks - Week 2

So, here is a recap of last week, and my efforts at doing the following one a weekly basis over the course of 2013:

1. Ancestral Eating: Josh and I ate 21 meals last week, and of those 21 meals, 4 were NOT primal/paleo. So, we hit the 80/20 mark, but ideally since I would like to lose about 50 pounds before embarking on the baby # 3 adventure, we should be maybe having 1 non-paleo/primal meal a week. Here are some shots of what we nommed on over the last week:

And also, I made the mistake of taking pictures with instagram, which isn't letting me repost them to my blog. Grrrr. I may need to also add a daily WOD to this 52 week challenge, lol, because I'm not sure that just eating like a cave man is going to make the grade by the time I hope to once again be with child.

2. Home Improvement: What can I say? I didn't do much. I DID, however, pack up all the Christmas Decor and have J and Papa put everything back up in the attic. Score! I'm going to say it counts for this week :) This week i'm hoping to flex my DIY skills and paint a curio cabinet... and then maybe hang a picture on the wall, lol. We'll see!

3. Bible study: I've been rockin' this every  night. The Bible Study plan I've been on kind of jumps around a lot, and the beginning is heavy on Genesis (I guess that makes sense). What I'm really loving more than anything is the Jesus Storybook Bible that I read to Mikey most nights. It has been to amazing to read these stories told in a way to speak to the heart of a child. The book makes God and Jesus seem like a super hero, and Mikey really gets into it. This last week we learned about Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Cain and Abel, Moses, and Joshua. Mikey loves that he recognizes so many of the names from family members, although I have had to explain to him that, "No, your Aunt Sarah is not 90, and was not married to Abraham. Sorry. Yes, I'm sure." Lol.

Today I started Week 3 of 52 weeks, and I'm thinking these weekly blog posts are definitely going to help keep me focused!

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