Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, Two Thousand Thirteen!

Try to ignore the previous blog post. I'm still annoyed by a lot of what has become of the blogging world, but I can't get over this nagging feeling that one day my blog will connect the dots between all the photos I take every day. Plus, I feel like we (Me, J & the Boys) are on the verge of some super rad things. Like maybe we'll make some friends, and find some people with similar interests. Maybe I'll finally decorate the house. We might even find a church we love. I want to write about all that, not just stick photos in an album!

So I guess I'm not really disappearing after all, but almost quitting made me realize what I really wanted this place to be all along - a place that lets me connect the dots. A place where our littles can come back time and time again to read about their parents, their parents friends, the home they grew up in, and most importantly, them, and all the sweet little quirks and great times (and maybe not so great times) they will have as we raise them up as best we can.

I can't quit that.

Here is to 2013, and lots and lots of memories to be made and captured!

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