Monday, May 6, 2013

HCG = 2

Most of the time, I like to keep this blog light and fluffy - a place where my children can come back and look at archived memories of their childhood. But, until I am gone, this is also a place where I enjoy coming back to remember, and sometimes I want to remember the not so awesome stuff, too.

J and I found out I was pregnant at the end of April. About a week later, I had a miscarriage. I would be a liar if I didn't say I was bummed. Because I am. We were already dreaming of baby names and getting excited for a Christmas with 3 children this year instead of 2. It was early, but we were excited. I ended up going to the OB last Friday morning for lab work and an ultrasound, and finally got the lab results back today confirming that I am "not pregnant" with an HCG level of 2. Since this isn't my first miscarriage, I'm finding myself grateful that this loss happened early on, and that we are able to try again right away. When it does happen, I'm looking forward to documenting that journey right here, too.

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