Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to Phoenix

I was recently able to travel back to Phoenix for a quick trip. I was able to spend time with my father (he is very ill) and my mother, who in a weird twist of fate, finds herself living with my father again (after a 15 year separation). They aren't reconciling - just temporary roommates - but I must say that it was convenient to see both my folks under one roof. My father was very lucid during my time there, and we were able to have some great chats about politics and current events.

Besides that, I spent time with my dearest friend, Valerie, and celebrated her 30th birthday! In fact, the entire trip was made possible by her sweet husband, who purchased my round trip ticket for HER birthday, lol. I don't technically get "vacation" time from my job since I'm a contract employee, so I brought my laptop along and worked next to Val for several days in her home office. It was great to not only have a co-worker for a few days (working in a home office can get lonely) but to spend so much time (even if we were working) with my best friend. My father's home isn't exactly set up to accommodate guests, so Val's mom graciously allowed me to be her house guest. It was a trip sleeping in my own big bed for the first time in many, many years (not to mention sleeping in such luxurious bed linens - which reminds me, I really need to get better bedding).

Val and her husband took me to many of my favorite old AZ eating establishments, including Tony's (Mexican food), and we spent a few evenings enjoying adult beverages and chatting late into the night.

The only miserable part about the trip (besides flying, which I hate) was being away from my sweet little guys for so many days! I had somehow managed to not spend a night away from Mikey or Johnny since delivering them (with the exception of the day Johnny was born, but that was only one night, and I had Johnny with me). I spent many days before the trip with an awful sense of dread, and I missed them like crazy before I even left. We spent the day after I got back from the trip in a snuggle pile on the couch.

The morning of my departure, Val's sister asked me if I had taken a single picture the entire time I was there. Oops. Nope. Didn't even pack my dang camera, ha ha. Ohwell - I got one picture in with my sweetest friend, and that is enough for me.

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