Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Week

{J brought me a pretty Gardenia Bloom. It stunk up my kitchen beautifully!}

 {Lately we've had the sliding glass door open, along with as many windows as possible, and little Fitz sure does appreciate the sensory overload}

 {It has been chilly in the mornings, and we've had cause to break out the footie PJ's!}

 {Elephant Ears}

 {Trying to appreciate the pretty leaves before they end up as mulch}

 {It trips me out to see how large these Elephant Ears are next to my boys - I can't imagine how large they will grow next year!}
 {The wilderness on the left side of our house. If I was a little, I would probably want to spend hours out here every day - it is like or own enchanted forest. The entire perimeter of our property looks this way, but I rarely get to this side of the house for some reason}

{The next door neighbor boy "B" showing off the fruits of his father's latest hunt. The boys seriously think this boy is THE end all be all, and hang on every word of his 8 year old wisdom}

And finally...

{Estimated due date of June 30th, 2014. Hold your breath...}

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