Monday, December 2, 2013

On the 1st Day of Christmas...

Hey Party People! I'm alive! Really!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but I've been really busy wallowing in the misery of first trimester crapiness. It just doesn't leave a lot of room for the other things in my life. Fortunately for my audience, I'm 10 weeks along, and supposedly this non-stop dull queasiness will ease up here shortly. In my defense, I went back through the archives of this blog, and not in one place did I utter a complaint about "morning" sickness... or nausea for that matter. I've read that the likely cause of the problem this time around is the sharp increase in estrogen from the second set of girl parts in my uterus. I'm pretty sure that is based in science, and not old wives tales, lol. Interestingly enough, the other authorities on the gender subject ( and the Chinese gender calendar) both proclaim that I'm having a girl as well. I suppose I shall know definitively in around 2 months.

But anyway - back to the story. Yesterday was the first day of December, and we celebrated by decking the halls, the walls, the counters, and of course, the rain gutters. We also allowed the boys to gallop around wildly outdoors for the majority of their day, which I believe contributed to their passing out upon their heads hitting the pillows lastnight, as well as them sleeping in past 7am this morning. Love!

Here are a few shots from our day yesterday!

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