Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Secret Forest (and other places)

Just beyond the corner of our driveway, atop a terraced garden, a grove of trees & bushes grow. Mikey and Jonny love to climb up the rock wall, and weave in and out of this small clump of trees. It has become quite the outdoors destination, and Mikey has taken to calling this hideout his "Secret Forest." 

Other favorite hot spots include the driveway & sidewalk - the ultimate spot for racing scooters and bikes, plus the random moments of creativity expressed through sidewalk chalk...

And of course, the playground...

There are so many wonderful places to play in our yard - it makes me happy. Hopefully this year we can get a little garden growing, and if the mosquito's take a break this year, looking forward to spending some evenings on the deck this summer.

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