Friday, July 18, 2014

14th of July, 2014

It is hard to believe how swiftly the summer is moving around here. I know stirring a new baby into the mix is cause for a lot of the increase speed at which time is passing, but it feels so much faster than when Mikey and Jonny were babies.

Eleanor is lovely, really. She is as snugly as Mikey was easy going, though she does protest being set down for too long (unless she is very deeply asleep). Unfortunately she has some reflux issues, but those seem to be resolving themselves with a change in formula and some extra special attention to making sure she is well burped and letting her sleep in her rock n' play at night (I think the inclined position helps a great deal!). We did try giving her Zantac (pediatrician prescribed) however, she hates the taste, and would spit out as much as she could, so we are trying to not use it. So far, we mostly have this figured out, and I expect that we should be able to switch her back to a regular formula in a few weeks (or certainly by 3 months) once her digestive system has had more time to mature.

The boys are so proud of their little sister, and would dote on her as much as possible if we didn't shield her so much. We are probably ridiculous, but the boys are so ENORMOUS compared to their petite counterpart, and I'm terrified that someone is going to squish/poke/grab a little too hard. Mikey is definitely better at understanding how to interact with her, but even he is a little heavy with the hugging and snuggling. I think Jonny still mostly see's her as a kitten or a doll, and frequently asks if he can pet her. He also wants to pull on her hands/feet/ears. He just can't get over how tiny her little appendages are (and they are small!). I think we will all feel better when she is a few months older and not quite as delicate. I'm also looking forward to being able to reclaim some of my cuddle time with the boys as the baby gets into a better sleep/nap routine.

One thing that has been so amazing this time around is having G-Ma around (only 2 doors away) to dote on her grandchild pretty much any time I ask. I can't imagine how much more difficult the transition from 2 to 3 children would have been if she wasn't so happy to help with picking the boys up from pre-school, and snuggling the littlest little for me so I can run errands (Eleanor hates carseats so far, so any time I can avoid bringing her someplace with me is a blessing!).

It is strange to me as a mother how easy it has been to forget how difficult/trying it can be to care for a newborn. It is NOT my favorite stage of babydom. In fact, if I could fast forward out of the 4th trimester (months 1-3) I would. I know, you aren't supposed to want to, but I really do eagerly anticipate that sweet spot you hit with a baby that isn't mobile, yet is content to swing/play on a mat, or at least can find their hands to nom on happily all through the day. Yet even as difficult as I am now reminded this stage is, I know she is my last newborn, so I'm trying to appreciate the sweetness of it all. Afterall, in the blink of an eye, my 1st newborn has miraculously turned into a Kindergartner!

{my biggest little, and almost kindergartner!}
{Jonny Man!}
{Mikey showing me how big our baby Crepe Myrtles have grown!)
{Daddy & Eleanor}
{The bottles of booze next to the infant meds made me LOL a little bit, not going to lie}
{I don't know why we ever try anything new - of course Eleanor does the best on the same bottles/nipples that worked perfectly for her tongue tied siblings. Glad I kept everything around!}
{Eleanor, 3 weeks}

 {Giving this baby wearing thing a try - so far we love it!}
 {Her umbilical stump fell off, and her belly button is just as cute as can be}
{snuggling up for a bottle after her bath}

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