Monday, September 8, 2014

This and That: August 2014

I probably should have started blogging on an at least weekly basis this month, because having your oldest start kindergarten paired with your youngest and last newborn moving through the various stages of infanthood gives a mom a lot to try and remember. So, here it is - all of August, starting off just after Eleanor turned 6 weeks old, and Fitz had run away from home.

I will save you all the suspense of that saga, and let you know that he narrowly made it home alive after hitching a ride to publix in the engine block of our van. He finally started crying for help once it got a little too toasty for comfort. We all are grateful that the outcome was best case, considering how horribly that could have ended.

As mentioned previously, Mikey started Kindergarten. He is just now finishing up his 2nd week, and is doing wonderfully with the new routine. It helps that we really like his teacher - and the school! Of course with a new start in a new school, we also had to say goodbye to some good pals! So far Mikey is still learning names, but we hope he finds a good buddy soon!

{Mikey's last day at Preschool!)

{Eleanor had her 2 month well visit!}

{Jonny walking with me to pick up Mikey from school}

{The fuzzy black caterpillar's that were falling from the sky for a few weeks}
{Mikey mastering various games on the Kindle Fire}

{Eleanor taking a nap}

{Cooing at daddy}

{Papa picking figs off the tree}

{Eleanor watching me fold laundry}

And that was pretty much August. Seeing as it is now a solid week into September, I better get to posting about that!

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