Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015, so far...

Just a few snapshots taken with my phone so far this year...

{I <3 cabbage, and I discovered that adding a few pats of butter to the pot makes it even tastier!}
{Eleanor, scarfing down some puffies}

{When I get to missing my mother, The Moody Blues helps} 

{Cold snap in early January} 

 {The shifter cable snapped, along with some other safety recall issues. All was repaired by the dealer and even the tow was paid for! Sweet!}
 {The boys were over the top absolutely freakin' ridiculously sweet and compliant one morning when I had an early call and had to get them out the door earlier than usual. I rewarded them with toy weapons, lol}

{Fun with gel alphabet letters} 

{Usually weekend breakfast is so late that we skip lunch and just have ridiculous platters of vegetables, cheese and crackers}

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